Red One’s custom video surveillance solutions provide live monitoring and video capture capability in critical areas where personnel, inventory and/or data security is a top priority.  For some industries, implementing a video surveillance system (VSS) is a matter of regulatory compliance. For others, having a well-designed VSS greatly reduces liability, helps prevent loss and increases workplace safety.


To ensure that the VSS will meet your specific needs, a Red One video surveillance engineer (VSE) works closely with you to identify the sensitive and mission critical areas of your premises where video surveillance is needed.

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The VSE then designs a custom solution taking into consideration your building characteristics, surveillance subject type, and budget. The end result is a VSS that meets the your specific needs and immediately becomes an integral part of your company’s production environment and security posture.



The first step in designing a quality video surveillance network is determining where to place the cameras. Camera placement is driven by business needs and security concerns. A Red One VSE meets with

each stakeholder to determine which areas and assets within the customer premises should be included in the scope of the VSS project.  Once these areas are identified, the VSE will survey the premises to determine the best mounting location for each target coverage area. After identifying all of the mounting locations, the VSE will generate a design and bill of materials that includes cameras, mounting accessories, and cabling. A target date will be set for installing the cameras and any additional equipment like ladders and lifts will be reserved for those dates accordingly.


After the install is complete, Red One provides as-built documentation that includes the following:

  • Building and property diagrams indicating the location and name of each camera installed
  • Detailed information for each camera installed including name, location, photos, coverage area, and camera type


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  • Technical specifications for each type of camera installed
  • Login information for the DVR/NVR
  • Online location of camera and DVR/NVR documentation

Red One provides ongoing maintenance and remote support for the VSS, including camera and DVR troubleshooting. Remote support includes access to our help desk and online trouble-ticketing system. In instances where a specific video segment is needed to identify/locate a particular recorded event, Red One technicians can assist clients in locating and saving the relevant data for later review.

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