Keyless access control systems have been utilized by businesses in all industries for many years. These systems help protect employees, physical assets and intellectual property by controlling access (authorized vs unauthorized) to specific areas of a property. In most cases, an electronic locking mechanism is controlled by either a keypad or an electronic card reader. If the correct code is entered or if an authorized card is swiped across the reader, the lock is disengaged and the door can be opened. These types of systems have several advantages over traditional lock and key mechanisms:

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  • Cards can be programmed and issued for new personnel in a matter of minutes
  • Cards can be deactivated in just a few minutes if lost or stolen
  • Ingress/egress activity can be tracked
  • Cards cannot be shared indiscriminately or easily copied
  • Cards can be reassigned (hence reused)
  • Additional cards can be purchased at a reasonably low price
  • Locks NEVER have to be rekeyed!


Modern access control systems utilize the IP protocol to facilitate communication between the card reader/keypad and the access control management (ACM) software. This means that only a single Ethernet cable is required to connect the reader to the local area network and, therefore, to the ACM via standard IP communication protocols. If the reader supports power over Ethernet (PoE), the reader does not require a separate set of wires for power.


Conversely, in a legacy system, the card reader must be directly connected to the controller via 6 or 7 wires (depending on protocol) in order for the two devices to communicate. If there are multiple readers in the system, several “home runs” must be terminated on the controller. In addition, each reader must be connected to a power supply. Thus, legacy systems require significantly more infrastructure wiring than modern IP-based systems. For this reason, Red One usually recommends IP-based systems for new installations or major upgrades.

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In order to accommodate a wide array of business types and their corresponding traffic patterns, Red One supports keyless access control systems that incorporate keypads, key fobs, smart cards, biometric scanners, and mobile devices in addition to standard proximity cards for gaining access to secured gates and doors. Whatever business you are in, Red One can install and manage an access control system that will immediately improve your security posture and give you greater peace of mind.

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