Interconnecting computers and servers within a campus environment and concurrently connecting the campus to the Internet used to be the province of only the geekiest of the geeks.  Today, even individuals with just a rudimentary knowledge of how data networks function can purchase a wireless router at the nearest electronics store and connect their business to the Internet in a matter of minutes. But what happens when the Internet connects back?

It is true that today’s data networking devices--switches, routers, wireless APs, VoIP PBXs and more—are more reliable and easier to deploy than ever before. But for most businesses, being connected to the outside world is not just a matter of convenience, it’s a necessity. For that reason, the ability to design a robust data network that is reliable, extensible and, most importantly, secure is essential.


And when something goes wrong, you need a reliable vendor who can quickly diagnose and repair the problem so that you can get back to doing what you do best.


Red One is the right choice to handle that responsibility. Our engineers and network architects have many years of experience designing and deploying data networks that can handle the load of any size business in the most cost-effective, efficient and secure manner possible. Our expertise includes:

  • Wireless controllers and Access Points (APs)
  • Ethernet switches with or without PoE, VLANs and fiber interfaces
  • Internet routers with or without multiple WAN interfaces, VPN tunnels, DMZs and more
  • Firewall configuration
  • Network printers and MFPs
  • Fax Servers

We provide a trouble ticketing system and help desk support to ensure that all problems are quickly diagnosed and resolved. If you have a new project or need to establish a connection to a business partner, we will offer suggestions and, once a decision is made, rapidly deploy and verify that the new solution is working as planned.


Keeping your network running and secure from the pervasive threats posed by the Internet is one of the most important tasks you will perform in your business. And trusting Red One with that responsibility is one of the best business decisions you can make!

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