AWS Certifications

If you are interested in getting an AWS certification, you can find a great training course at

There are 3 tracks of AWS certification to choose from:

1. Certified Cloud Practitioner
2. Certified Solutions Architect–associate and professional
3. Certified DevOps–Developer Associate, SysOps Admin Associate, and DevOps Professional

The Certified Cloud Practitioner is a relatively new certification and cover the basics of AWS cloud architecture. It is the easiest of the 3 tracks and there is only 1 exam to pass. The Certified Solutions Architect track has an associate designation and a professional designation. Each designation requires candidates to pass an exam and candidates for the professional designation must first attain the associate designation.

The Certified DevOps track has two associate designations–Developer Associate and SysOps Administrator Associate. Passing at least one of the associate level exams is a requirements for taking the DevOps Professional exam.

There are also two specialty certifications–Advanced Networking and Big Data. There is a 3rd specialty certification–Security–for which the exam is currently in BETA. In order to take a specialty certification exam, you must be at least a Certified AWS Associate.

According to the guys at A Cloud Guru, the Cloud Practitioner is the easiest exam to pass, the specialty exams are in the middle of the difficulty spectrum and the Solutions Architect Professional is the hardest exam to pass.

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