Lifting up

Our Approach

Technology continues to evolve at an amazing pace. Since our founding in 2006, we have seen the proliferation of smart phones, the mainstreaming of VoIP, incredible advances in video technology, the advent of cloud computing and much, much more. But one thing hasn’t changed—the value of honesty, dedication and knowledge. Throughout our history, we have remained committed to being the best in the world at what we do. We take great pride in our work and treat every job and every client like they are the most important in our universe—because they are! We know that change is a constant in our business, but we plan to keep doing one thing the same; keeping our clients happy by always keeping our word.

Our Story

For over a decade, Red One has provided unique and custom technology solutions to clients in the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. We are extremely proud of the relationships we’ve built with our clients and the repeat business we’ve enjoyed as a result. As technology has changed since we opened for business, Red One has embraced the challenge of staying one step ahead of the technology curve and continuously renewed our commitment to offering the best solutions using the best technology at the best price possible.

Meet the Team

Knowledge, Integrity and Dedication - those are the qualities that we look for in our employees and the same qualities that we strive for in ourselves.


John Torres

Co-Founder & CEO

John is a co-founder of Red One Network Solution. Prior to starting Red One, John worked as a Tele-communications Consultant and Wide-Area Network Architect for companies like Lucent Technologies, AT&T Wireless, Global Crossing, and EDS. During his time as a consultant, John focused on the rapidly developing and integral relationship between advances in technology and the attainment of business objectives. John’s current mission is to keep Red One focused on its primary goal of being a market leader in each area of its services portfolio.


Tim Lawson

Co-Founder & CTO

Tim is a co-founder of Red One Network Solutions. Before lending his talents to Red One, Tim spent over 10 years in the Telecom-munications industry working with several Internet backbone equipment vendors and witnessing first-hand the evolution of the Internet era. Some of Tim’s clients included American Airlines, EDS, MCI, and Perot Systems. Tim’s primary mission is making sure that Red One is always focused on technology solutions that solve our client’s most important business needs.


Thomas Torres

Principle Network Architect

Thomas has spent the last 10+ years of his career designing, implementing and managing large Windows Server networks with tremendous patience and a solemn commitment to making it look easier than it should. Having worked with a variety of network architectures, he has developed a genuine appreciation for the power of thin client technology and AWS cloud computing. As an AWS Solution Architect, Thomas is well positioned to lead Red One on its mission to bring the promise of cloud computing to all of our SMB clients.

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