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Red One Network Solutions offers a variety of network services with a special expertise in outdoor wireless.   There are many man years of major brand service excellence and a reputation within Red1 to ensure that any deployment is successful.  When you turn a service over to Red1, you are confident that it it will be completed and in a mutually successful manner.

Site surveys - Wired and wireless site surveys which may include electrical, physical, mechanical, environmental. line-of-site, and design considerations.  All report and photo documented for ease of implementation.

System staging - Hardware and software staging can be accommodated onsite, at a designated facility,or at Red1's facility along with deployment documentation for final installation.

System installation - Indoor and/or outdoor installation can be accomplished by Red1 in a manner which you can count on for successful completion. This includes simple desktop installations, rack mounting, CO implentations, or light pole/roof top installations.  

Post installation documentation - As-built documentation can be created as well as onsite surveillance reports and mapping of final network capability results.  Heat mapping, RF strength, interference, throughput, network weakness, and security are examples of post install documentation reports.

Network design - The foundation of a well implemented network solution begins with an excellent design that balances both technical capabilities with financial and political requirements.  Red1 offers very high end, certified individuals to assist in complete and thorough design process.

Project management - Red1 offers project management services which can simplify your environment and give you confident assurance of a complete well done job. We take the role on ourselves internally to make our service look like an extension of your own organization.  The goal is to communicate quickly and completely as necessary during projects and allow you to feel the comfort from Red1's reputation of being tasked with projects and offering a certainty of satisfaction and completion.

For more information on Red1 and our services, please contact us using the contacts page.